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Doc & Phoebe's

Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

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The Hunting Feeder is an interactive system designed by veterinarians, that addresses a cat’s natural hunting instincts while feeding your cat in a fun and easy way. This naturally instinctive way to feed your cat helps prevent boredom and eliminate common (bad) behaviors such as scarf-and-barf, night waking, urinating outside the litter box, destructive behavior and obesity.


How to use The Hunting Feeder

  • Scoop cat food into the mice, keeping into account the right portion size for your cat.
  • Hide the mice – you can increase the difficulty of the hiding spot as your cat becomes a more experienced hunter.
  • Let your cat instinctively “hunt” for its food.


The science behind The Hunting Feeder

Cats are great but we all know the many downsides – aggression, scarf and barf, night waking, etc. Bowl feeding causes these problems. A cat’s stomach is the size of a ping-pong ball – the size of a mouse. That’s no coincidence. In nature, cats spend 80% of their waking hours hunting for food. Cats need to hunt catch and play with multiple small meals day and night. Without it, they act out.


That’s why veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales has taken two decades of veterinary education and experience and developed the only Indoor Hunting Feeder. When you meet a cat’s behavioral needs they are naturally happier and healthier, and that means you are too.


  • BPA free
  • Machine washable
  • Dishwasher safe


Only intended for use by cats. Not intended as a toy for other animals or children.


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